The mission of Guest Services is to create the great first impression and friendly environment First Church is known for, making sure that each and every person feels welcome. Guest Services is comprised of the following ministries: Parking Team, Greeters, Guest & Information Center, Usher Board, and First Response Team.

Parking Team

The Parking Team guides traffic in the parking lot to ensure safety and appropriate parking. This team directs traffic to approved offsite parking during peak hours and special events. Additionally, the Parking Team provides shuttle service to drop off and pick-up those who park offsite or in the father areas of the church parking lot.


The mission of the Greeter Ministry is to welcome members and visitors with a smile and warm greetings as they enter the church. Greeters help those with disabilities gain entrance into the church facility.

Guest & Information Center

Guest &Information Center volunteers answer questions, provide directions, and make connections to those best suited to meet member and guests’ needs.

Usher Board

The Usher Board plays a vital role before, after and during worship services and special events. It is the Ushers’ duty to maintain reverence in the sanctuary. Ushers kindly greet and seat people in the sanctuary and hand out bulletins and other information for worship services and programs. Ushers may direct people to various places and other ministries within the church.

First Response Team

The mission of the First Response Team is to nurture newcomers and visitors. To achieve its mission, the First Response Team hosts a weekly guest reception, provides small tokens of appreciation and contacts visitors after their initial visit.

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