Ways to be ALL IN

Phase 1

We’re excited to launch our ALL IN 9-month capital campaign that will accomplish the following capital projects for our church:

  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Security System Installation
  • Women’s Bathroom Remodel
  • Parking Lot Resurfacing
  • Foundation Stabilization

Safety & Security
Safety and security for our First Church family is of utmost importance. This would include installing high-quality alarm systems to warn, notify, and potentially deter any threats to our campus. The fire alarm system will be installed in our church’s lower level. Its wide coverage will detect any threats of a fire and provide timely alerts to the floor (and campus) along with digital alerts in case of an emergency evacuation situation. Additionally, we’ve analyzed all areas of concern for our campus and plan to install security cameras, chimes, and lighting on both our interior and exterior. This will help to discourage any nefarious deeds as well as help to ensure our church’s safety.

Our goal is to ensure that the structural integrity of the church is sound. Currently there are areas on the exterior that are separating from the foundation. Over time, this could potentially collapse portions of our exterior and cause significant challenges. What has been recommended by several of the local experts is to drill into the ground, using deep target detection equipment to identify any chasms and fill those with strong, long-lasting material to improve our foundation’s soundness.

Renovation Projects
We’ve identified the need to remodel our women’s bathrooms and provide them with a satisfactory environment that will stand the test of time. We also recognize the rough state of our church’s parking lot. Potholes, cracks, and faded striping have become unsightly and concerning. We plan to redo the parking lot so that it meets the standard of God’s house.

Phase 1

Fire Alarm – $31,000
Bathroom Remodel – $15,000

Phase 2

Security System – $55,000

Phase 3

Foundation Repair – $60,000

Phase 4

Parking Lot Redo – $100,000

Here’s Where You Come In

Your sacrificial giving makes all this possible. Our goal is for each person to contribute $650 in 9 months. That’s about $18 a week for 36 weeks! But we’ve broken it down and made it even easier for you:

Phase 1 = $1/day for 12 weeks

Phase 2 = $2/day for 8 weeks

Phase 3 = $3/day for 8 weeks

Phase 4 = $5/day for 8 weeks

Be sure to check here for all of the updates!