The Adventurer Club is a faith-based, scout-like, parent-child ministry of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The Adventurer program is designed to support and assist parents with the challenging task of fully developing their children as followers of Christ in today’s world. At First Church, we have added the Eager Beaver and Little Lamb Curriculum to the Adventurer program. Our classes begin in August and end in May, much like the traditional school schedule, with a break in the summer after Campmeeting in June. Each class has specific course requirements that enhance the total development of the child. Parent or adult participation is required. Age and/or grade requirements are as follows:
Little Lamb – Pre-K – 4 Years Old by September 10th of the current school year
Eager Beaver – Kindergarten
Busy Bee – First Grade
Sunbeam – Second Grade
Builder – Third Grade
Helping Hand – Fourth Grade

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